Parfumerie In geuren en kleuren Heusden

Brecourt Eau Blanche 50 ml

€ 50,00 € 79,00

Frisse citrusgeur met de sfeer van frisgewassen lakens, wapperend in de wind.

" Remembering my childhood memories, I can still smell the white sheets drying out in the light breeze of the Amalfi Coast, infused with the marine, citrus effusion. I can always see myself as a little girl on a summer's day in Capri, going down the steps that take me to the Marina Grande in an atmosphere saturated with jasmine. It is with these fond memories that I wanted to capture in a bottle. The most gorgeous essences (Bergamote from Calabria and lemon, tangerine of Sicily) of the South of Italy are all concentrated here and their alliance of tea leaves, Ginger , crystalline cedar wood and white musks guaranties a long lasting effect. Before falling asleep, I often spray a couple of drops. I close my eyes.... I never get tired of it. "  -  Emilie Bouge, Parfumeur Brecourt

Topnoten: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarijn
Hartnoten: Jasmijn, Thee, Gember
Basisnoten: Cederhout, Muskus

Parfumeur Emilie Bouge wil met Brecourt haar passie voor parfums delen met iedereen. Ze voegt een nieuw hoofdstuk toe aan de historie door de know-how van de Franse parfumtraditie te combineren met de moderne tijdgeest.